Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Patent Bots is FIRST to Offer GPT AI for Patent Drafting

Patent Bots is the FIRST patent drafting platform to offer GPT Artificial Intelligence for text generation!

In our latest product update webinar, we shared a demonstration of our GPT and AI tools and explored the impact of GPT and AI on the present – and future – of patent work. See both videos below. 

Demo: How Patent Bots Uses GPT and AI. 

Patent Bots is the first patent drafting platform to offer GPT artificial intelligence for text generation. Patent Bots GPT text generation is …

  • Available now with a Patent Bots Prep & Pros Pro subscription.
  • Optional and must be enabled by your subscription admin in the dashboard.
  • User-controlled, allowing you to determine when it is used.

Watch the video below to see how Patent Bots enables you to generate many sections of your patent application in just a few clicks!

GPT, AI, and Your Patent Law Practice. 

The growth of AI tools, including GPT, has raised many questions for patent attorneys.

  • How can GPT help patent attorneys streamline routine workflows?
  • How will AI impact the future – and present – of patent drafting?
  • What are the security implications of GPT use by patent attorneys?

Patent Bots founder and practicing patent attorney Jeff O’Neill shares his perspective on these questions and more in the video below.