Monday, October 5, 2020

How to use Patent Examiner Statistics

I personally find patent examiner statistics enormously valuable in my practice. In this blog post, I provide a guide that you can use to get better outcomes for your clients using Patent Bots examiner statistics. 

We give many of our statistics away for free, and we also have a Premium Statistics subscription for some of our more advanced statistics. The first time you login to Patent Bots you will get a 2-week trial, and that will allow you to see all of our statistics at no charge. Afterwards, you'll need a firm-wide subscription to our Premium Statistics.

I'll walk through the different parts of our statistics pages and explain why we included each part and how it can help you. We work hard to provide you with the information you need, but also try not to overwhelm you with statistics that you don't care about.

Grant Rate and Difficulty Ranking

At a high level, the grant rate is the most important statistic.

The grant rate is our metric for comparing examiner difficulty. We compute what we call a "3-year" grant rate, which is the percentage of the examiner's applications that are granted at 3 years after the first office action. We have another blog post that explains the advantages of our 3-year grant rate over a conventional grant rate.