Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Our first patent drafting tool: Ref Label Tracker

With our Patent Bots Word add-in, we can now provide you with tools to help you draft your patents in addition to proofreading them.  Our first patent drafting tool is our Ref Label Tracker that tracks your reference labels in real time for easy reference. Here is what it looks like:

When you start the Ref Label Tracker, we immediately extract all your ref labels with the corresponding text.  We'll then continue to update this list automatically as you edit your patent application.  You no longer need to keep your own list or scroll through your Word doc to find the ref label you need.

There are three ways to install our add-in:
  1. Your IT department can install for a group of users or for your whole firm using the Office admin tools.
  2. You can install for yourself from the Microsoft store (Patent Bots GCP and Patent Bots AWS).
  3. You can install for yourself within Word: Insert tab in the ribbon -> Add-ins button -> Get Add-ins-> search for Patent Bots.
The add-ins require any subscription version of Word 2016 or non-subscription Word 2016 version 16.0.4266.1001 or later. 

We are working on additional patent drafting tools to automatically generate portions of your patent, such as:
  • abstracts
  • claim summaries
  • brief description of your figures
Please let us know what other tools you would like to have to assist you with drafting your patent applications and office action responses.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Word Add-In Now Available to Proofread Directly from Word

We are excited to announce that we now have a Microsoft Word add-in to allow you to use our patent proofreading directly from Word.

 Here is what it looks like:

After you install our add-in, you'll have a ribbon tab for Patent Bots.  In this tab, you select a button for proofreading applications or OA responses to open a side panel.  From the side panel, select one of our proofreading options (e.g., with or without figures).  Proofreading results will then open in your default browser.

This add-in uses the Google hosted version of our services (GCP is for Google Cloud Platform).  We expect to have another add-in for the Amazon version of our services later this week.

Note that the add-in requires a subscription version of Word 2016 or later, and that it doesn't work with non-subscription versions of Word.  This is a limitation of the Word platform. (UPDATE: The add-in works with both purchased and subscription Word.)

To install our add in:

  1. Select the Insert tab in the ribbon
  2. Select the Add-Ins button
  3. Select Get Add-Ins
  4. Search for Patent Bots

If you are a firm-wide customer, your IT department can install our add-in for groups of users (see Office 365 Deployment).

A Word add-in allows us to do a lot more, and we have some really cool features in development.  Stay tuned!