Thursday, May 5, 2022

New Feature! Simplify Review of Prior Art with Office Action Explorer

One of the most tedious aspects of Office Action response is juggling documents while reviewing prior art of 102/103 rejections. 

Our new Office Action Explorer simplifies this workflow by displaying an application’s most recent office action, pending claims, and cited prior art side-by-side-by-side in a three-column interface. 

Office Action Explorer is available today at no additional charge with your existing Patent Bots Prep & Pros Pro subscription. 

Office Action Explorer: How It Works.

Simply enter your patent application number and Patent Bots will show the most recent office action and pending claims automatically in the first two columns.

Your patent application must be public. We expect to expand the feature to non-public applications soon. 

Now for the best part… Patent prior art references are hyperlinked in the Office Action column. When you click on a prior art reference, Patent Bots will show the prior art in the Prior Art column. Even better, citations to paragraphs and column/line numbers are also hyperlinked. When you click on a citation, we'll automatically scroll the third column to that specific citation. 

This enables you to easily understand the basis for the rejection and prepare your office action response. 

See the NEW Office Action Explorer in action in the short video below. Then, use Office Action Explorer for your next office action response!