Wednesday, November 23, 2022

2022 Patent Bots Quality Rankings: The Top Companies

Patent Bots is pleased to announce its third annual Patent Quality Rankings of top companies. (We previously announced our Top 50 patent law firms and our Top 10 firms by Tech Center.)

We reviewed every patent issued by the USPTO in the past year  over 300,000!  using our advanced machine learning software. 

We then ranked nearly 750 companies with 50+ patents issued based on the average number of numbering, antecedent basis, and word support errors detected in their patents. Our rankings are based only on these errors and do not address many other important aspects of patent quality. 

(If your company is not on the Top 10 lists below, review our full list inside our PatentVerse. If your company is ranked outside the Top 50, you'll need to log in as we don't want to publicly identify companies with lower scores.)

2022 Patent Quality Rankings: Top 10 Large Companies.

Cisco Technology ranked first among companies with 250+ patents issued in the last year. Cisco, which patented 903 inventions in the last year, began using the Patent Bots automated proofreading solution in 2018.

Sony Semiconductor Solutions and Kyocera Document Solutions ranked second and third, respectively, among large companies. They were followed by Yazaki Corporation, Seiko Epson Corporation, AT&T Intellectual Property, Semiconductor Energy Lab, Toyota Motor Corporation, Western Digital Tech, and Qualcomm Inc.

Congratulations to Cisco and the rest of these large companies for doing amazing work over the last year! 

2022 Patent Quality Rankings: Top 10 Mid-Sized Companies. 

Large companies don't have a monopoly on patent accuracy. Among mid-sized companies with between 100 and 249 patents issued, the top three patent quality scores were held by Zoox Inc., IGT, and Haier US Appliance Solutions, respectively.

They were followed by Nanya Technology Corporation, JTEKT Corporation, InnoLux Corporation, Commvault Systems, Zeon Corporation, SanDisk Technologies, and Snowflake Inc.

Patent Accuracy: By the Numbers.

The Patent Quality Rankings are based only on average number of numbering errors, antecedent basis errors, and word support errors in issued patents and don't address other important aspects of patent quality. Here's a quick look at the state of patent accuracy.
  • 322,000 patents processed by the Patent Bots AI
  • 16,434 patents achieved a perfect Patent Bots Quality Score
  • 11.2 average errors per patent
  • 7 median errors per patent
More than 305,000 patents issued contained at least one numbering, antecedent basis, or word support error. There is clearly room for improved accuracy in the industry. 

That is why Patent Bots created the world's fastest and most accurate patent drafting and proofreading solution. Try Patent Bots FREE for 14 days.