Friday, May 10, 2019

Greatly improved machine learning models for patent proofreading

At Patent Bots, we've always used machine learning models (specifically, neural networks) to proofread your patent documents. Because we are a cloud-based service, we are able to use state-of-the-art machine learning tools to provide the most accurate results.

Our previous machine learning models were trained on normal English, but as you know, patent claims are quite different from normal English. Our previous models worked quite well, but now they work even better.

Our new machine learning models are trained specifically on patent claim language. Our new models thus understand patent claim language much better. We've actually decreased our error rate by more than 50%.  This means you'll have fewer false alarms, and more accurate proofreading than before.

Our new models provide other advantages to further improve our products:
  • We are able to continuously improve proofreading performance.  As we come across errors, we can fix our training data or add more training data to prevent these errors from happening again.
  • We are able to provide new services that depend on machine learning. For example, we are working to predict the art unit that your patent application will be assigned to.
  • We are able to run our services on other platforms (e.g., AWS or Azure) and even allow on-premise solutions.
It is an exciting time to be in legal tech, and we are looking forward to improving your patent practice.