Thursday, March 8, 2018

Improved Antecedent Basis Analysis

This Patent Bots proofreading update is to tell you about two improvements in our antecedent basis error checking that a few of you have been asking for.

First, we now check for repeated indefinite noun phrases.  If your claim says "buy an apple and eat an apple" you probably have a mistake.  To highlight these errors, we use double underlines for repeated indefinite noun phrases.  You can also click on them to see where you used the phrase before.  There will be a lot of false alarms but it is important to catch these errors as well.

Second, we now allow you to easily hide some of our notation.  For example, you can hide the green highlights to make it easier to focus on the red and yellow highlights.  You may also want to hide the double underlines since the false alarms may be distracting.

New features in the pipeline include (1) showing support for claim phrases in addition to claim words and (2) making it easier to diagnose reference label inconsistencies.

Please continue to send your feedback!