Wednesday, August 15, 2018

ClaimMaster Comparison

Attorneys who switched to Patent Bots from ClaimMaster couldn't be happier.

  • Patent Bots is 33x faster.  Get results in 2 seconds instead of over a minute.
  • Paten Bots catches more errors.  We use state-of-the-art natural language processing whereas ClaimMaster is a Word plugin.
  • Patent Bots has an intuitive user interface that makes you more efficient (see below for an example).
  • Patent Bots gives you spec. support for each word of your claim. ClaimMaster only provides support for selected phrases.
  • Patent Bots is maintenance free and works on Mac.  ClaimMaster requires management of software licenses and can break with Windows and MS Word upgrades.

Here is an example that shows how Patent Bots is much easier to use.

Patent Bots results for antecedent basis (AB) show you AB results for all phrases and helps you diagnose warnings and errors.  Below, the words in "the SSD cache" are bolded to help diagnose the warning:

By comparison, here are ClaimMaster's results:

ClaimMaster only shows you a list of errors and warnings.  ClaimMaster also missed important warnings and errors in claim 1.  ClaimMaster missed all the yellow warnings (partial AB) and the three red underlines (the red underlines should start with "the").

Would you like to learn more?  Contact me to set up a demo.