Monday, April 17, 2023

2023 Patent Quality Rankings: The Top 50 Patent Law Firms

Patent Bots is pleased to announce its fourth annual Patent Quality Rankings of top patent law firms. 

We used our advanced machine learning software to review every patent issued  over 320,000!  by the USPTO in the past year. We then ranked the 746 most active patent law firms based on the average number of numbering, antecedent basis, and word support errors detected in their patents.

Our rankings are based only on the above errors and do not address many other important aspects of patent quality. 

Patent Accuracy: By the Numbers.

Before we unveil the top 50 patent law firms, let's take a look at the state of patent accuracy.
  • 323,393 patents processed by the Patent Bots AI
  • 33,425 (10.3%) patents achieved a perfect Patent Quality Score
  • 7.9 average errors per patent
  • 5 median errors per patent
Nearly 290,000 (90%) of all patents issued in the last year contained at least one numbering, antecedent basis, or word support error. There is clearly room for improved accuracy in the industry. 

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Now, on to the rankings!

2023 Patent Quality Rankings: Top 10 Large Firms.

We've segmented America's most active patent firms (those with at least 500 patents issued in the last year) into a Large Firms list to recognize their prolific patent practices. 

For the full Top 50 ranking of patent firms, keep scrolling! 

For the second consecutive year, Harrity & Harrity held the top spot in the rankings. Congratulations to Harrity & Harrity and the rest of these large firms for doing amazing work over the last year! 

RankLaw FirmPatents IssuedQuality Score
1Harrity & Harrity, LLP77096.5
2Holland & Hart LLP108195.3
3Global IP Counselors, LLP50989.4
4Chip Law Group91088.5
5Hanley, Flight & Zimmerman, LLC849< 84.3
6Patterson + Sheridan, LLP1606< 84.3
7McDermott Will & Emery LLP1238< 84.3
8Lowenstein Sandler LLP792< 84.3
9Dority & Manning, P.A.1527< 84.3
10Studebaker & Brackett PC1248< 84.3

2023 Patent Quality Rankings: Top 50 Firms Overall. 

Large firms don't have a monopoly on patent accuracy. Smaller firms with between 50 and 500 patents granted are doing excellent work as well. 

A quick note about the rankings: Some companies file their own patents rather than filing through outside counsel. In these instances, the company is both the patent filer AND the patent owner and is included in our rankings as both a firm and a company. The company rankings will be released later this year.

(If you don't see your firm on the list below, review our full list inside our PatentVerse. You'll need to log in to see your firm's ranking as we don't want to publicly identify firms with lower scores.)

RankLaw FirmPatents IssuedQuality Score
1Harrity & Harrity LLP/Qualcomm Incorporated7499.9
2GTC Law Group PC & Affiliates16799.7
3Commvault Systems, Inc.7898.9
4Holland & Hart LLP/Qualcomm Incorporated9298.9
5Hartman & Citrin LLC8298.8
6The Pattani Law Group5398.1
7Lawrence Youst PLLC5097.9
8FIG. 1 Patents23997.6
9Getz Balich LLC13297.5
10Dascenzo Gates Intellectual Property Law, P.C.5296.7
11Duft & Bornsen, PC13296.7
12Harrity & Harrity, LLP77096.5
13Lindauer Law, PLLC9496.2
14Mori & Ward, LLP12595.7
15Holland & Hart LLP108195.3
16Konrad Raynes Davda & Victor LLP10995.1
17Akona IP PC15095
18Caldwell Intellectual Property Law28494
19Robinson Intellectual Property Law Office14193.7
20Volentine, Whitt & Francos, PLLC20593.6
21Behmke Innovation Group LLC14392.5
22Alleman Hall Creasman & Tuttle LLP42792
23Kolitch Romano Dascenzo Gates LLC5492
24Guntin & Gust, PLC44991.8
25Lanway IPR Services11091.5
26Qualcomm Incorporated42591.3
27Han IP PLLC7990.8
28The Small Patent Law Group LLC23990.7
29Ferguson Braswell Fraser Kubasta PC13690.3
30Pramudji Law Group PLLC6489.8
31Cha & Reiter, LLC28489.8
32Garlick & Markison21389.8
33Kenja IP Law PC20689.4
34Global IP Counselors, LLP50989.4
35Solaris Intellectual Property Group, PLLC8389.3
36Rowand LLP9889.3
37McGarry Bair PC24489.2
38Keller Preece PLLC24089.2
39Darrow Mustafa PC29689.2
40Chip Law Group91088.5
41Dierker & Kavanaugh PC5187.6
42Neustel Law Offices8587.4
43Fernando & Partners, LLP12687.1
44Brient IP Law, LLC8586.2
45Innovation Counsel LLP29986.1
46Kile Park Reed & Houtteman PLLC31785.6
47Servilla Whitney LLC22585
48Renaissance IP Law Group LLP16184.9
49Novak Druce Carroll LLP5084.3
50Kubota & Basol LLP11084.3

Patent Quality Rankings Methodology. 

The Patent Quality Rankings are based only on average errors in issued patents and don't address other important aspects of patent quality. 

For purpose of computing quality scores, we used only numbering errors, antecedent basis errors, and word support errors (words that don't appear in the detailed description).

Although we may over- or under-count errors in an individual patent, the average number of errors across all of a firm's patents is a good indicator of the overall quality of the firm's work. 

Learn more about our methodology.