Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Usage Pricing No Longer Available

Updated October 16, 2021.

We had usage pricing available for about 9 months and very few people took advantage of it so it is no longer available.  It was interesting experiment, but now you will need a subscription to access our products.

At Patent Bots, we want to make sure that our pricing provides great value for all our customers.

To that end, we now offer usage pricing for three of our products: Art Unit Predictor, Premium Statistics, and PatentPlex. Usage pricing is not available for Patent Proofreading since that product may be purchased with a monthly per-user subscription.

With usage pricing, no subscription is required, and you instead you pay each time you use the product.

Our usage pricing is shown on our pricing page and described in greater detail below:

  • Art Unit Predictor - $499 for 24 hours. A single person has unlimited access to our Art Unit Predictor for 24 hours. There are no limits to the number of uses or the number of patent applications you use it with. You may not, however, automate access with a script or share a login with multiple people.
  • Premium Statistics - $99 per examiner for 30 days. You get unlimited access to a single patent examiner for 30 days. Statistics for the examiner’s art unit and group are included as well (though other examiners in the art unit and group are not included).
  • PatentPlex - $99 per patent for 30 days. You get unlimited access to our PatentPlex page for a single patent for 30 days. This includes all PatentPlex features, and is easily worth the cost with the time you save when creating a patent family tree or a patent claim chart.

Usage pricing provides better value for law firms in two ways:

  • Law firms can use bill back to pass the costs of using Patent Bots to their clients who are receiving the ultimate benefit of our products.
  • Law firms who have only the occasional need for our tools can receive the benefits of our products at lower cost.

For anything other than occasional use, however, our firm-wide subscriptions provide much better value.  We’ll use a law firm with 50 patent practitioners as an example.

If this 50-practitioner firm generates 1-2 patent family trees or claim charts a month, then the firm will pay less with usage pricing. If this 50-practitioner firm generates more than 2 patent family trees or claim charts a month, then it will pay less with a firm-wide subscription.

We hope you appreciate the addition of usage pricing. It was a lot of work on our part to set this up! Please contact us with any questions at