Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Improved Reference Label Checking

Reference Label Results
We've launched a number of improvements to our proofreading of reference labels so that our Patent Bots can catch even more types of errors in your patent applications.

We can now process your figures to make sure that your reference labels are consistent between your spec and your drawings. We can process figures in PowerPoint (pptx), Visio (vsdx), and PDF formats.

There are three types of reference label errors that we can find:
  1. A reference label that is in your spec but is not in the drawings (ref label 103 in the image).
  2. A reference label that is in your drawings but is not in your spec (ref label 320 in the image).
  3. A reference label that is used for different purposes in the spec.  In this example, ref label 140 has been used for both "local doctor" and "remote site" in the spec, and this is a mistake that needs to be fixed.
Figure Number Results
In addition to checking your reference labels, we also check your figure numbers. Each figure number should appear in three locations: (1) in the Brief Description of the Figures near the beginning of your patent application, (2) in the main text of your specification, and (3) in your drawings.

In this example, there are 6 figures. Fig. 4 appears in the spec but not in the drawings, and Figs. 4A-B appear in the drawings but not in the spec! If you filed your application with this error, you'd likely get a notice to file corrected application papers. By proofreading with Patent Bots, you can fix this error, avoid having to file an unnecessary amendment, and save the embarrassment of telling your client about a silly mistake.