Friday, December 9, 2022

Product Updates: Office Action Explorer, Flowchart Generation, and More

In our December 2022 product update, we unveiled new features and shared best practices for getting the most from your investment in Patent Bots. 

Too busy to watch the whole video? Use the timestamps below to skip ahead to some of our favorite new features and product enhancements. 


USPTO Patent Number Search [3:00]

Our new USPTO Patent Number Search is a quick, simple alternative to searching by number in the USPTO’s Public Patent Search tool.

You'll want to bookmark this link! Search by number now ->

Office Action Explorer [4:00]

Juggling documents while reviewing office actions is a total pain! Learn how to simplify office action response with our Office Action Explorer. It’s available at no additional charge (yes, FREE!) with your existing Patent Bots Prep & Pros Pro subscription!

PPT/Visio Flowchart Generation [20:00]

Our latest drafting automation tool enables you to generate Powerpoint and Visio flowcharts from method claims in just a few clicks.