Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Preview of New Patent Bots 2021 Patent Quality Rankings

Next week, Patent Bots will officially announce the 2021 edition of its Patent Quality rankings!

We used our advanced machine learning to proofread an entire year of US issued patents and then ranked 787 law firms by the smallest average number of errors in the issued patents. 

Law firms can move up in the rankings by implementing processes to ensure higher quality work.  Using an automated patent proofreading tool, careful review of proofreading reports, and review by a second attorney will all help create stronger patents for your clients.

As a preview to announcing our 2021 Patent Quality rankings, we’d like to highlight a law firm who made one of the the biggest moves up in the rankings since 2020.

In 2020, Pierce Atwood ranked 33rd out of 802 law firms, an already impressive achievement.  In 2021, Pierce Atwood has performed done even better, moving up 20 spots to rank 13th for law firm patent quality out of 787 law firms. Pierce Atwood LLP is also in the top 10 law firms for patent quality in Tech Center 2600.  

Congratulations to the team at Pierce Atwood, who Patent Bots is proud to have as a client who uses our advanced proofreading tool.

Next week Patent Bots will showcase the top 50 US law firms with the highest patent quality rankings.

This is the first of a series of releases around our 2nd annual Patent Quality rankings, based on our advanced machine learning analysis of public USPTO data. 

To improve your firm's patent quality scores, sign up for a free trial of Patent Bots automated proofreading to identify and remove errors in your work.

Also, see our PatentVerse page to see how your firm ranks for patent quality against other law firms. Other than the top 50 firms, only you can see your own firm's ranking. Note that these rankings are based only on average errors in issued patents and don't address other potentially important aspects of patent quality.

Follow our blog over the next few weeks as we release further patent quality rankings.