Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Patent Analyzer -- The easiest way to review a U.S. patent

We are excited to announce PatentPlex Patent Analyzer! Our Patent Analyzer is the easiest way for patent attorneys to review the details of a published U.S. application or issued patent.

I'm sure that many of you already use Google patents to analyze patents. We took a hard look at Google patents from the perspective of a patent attorney, changed the things that annoyed us, and added new features that patent attorneys want. Here is what our Patent Analyzer looks like:

Here are the improvements we think you will like:
  • We show you a list of reference labels in the patent and a text description of each. This makes it much easier to understand what is being shown in the drawings.
  • The spec, claims, reference labels, and drawings are each shown in independently scrollable columns. This makes it easy to view claim 17 and paragraph 134 of the specification side by side.
  • The columns are all resizable horizontally so that you adjust the display to your liking.
  • The highlighting of hot words. You can select any word or phrase with your mouse, and we will instantly highlight that word or phrase throughout the patent. In the example image above, the phrase "audio data" has been selected. In the first column, we show you a list of hot words and a count of the number of times they appear in the specification and the claims.
  • Multiple colors for hot words. For each hot word you select, you have a choice of four colors to make it easier to look through a patent for multiple concepts simultaneously.  "audio data" is in yellow, "utterance" is in blue and so forth.
This tool is helpful for anyone reviewing a patent.  Whether you do patent prosecution, patent litigation, or are doing transactional work, our patent analyzer is the easiest way to review a patent.

Please try out our Patent Analyzer and let us know how you like it!