Saturday, January 5, 2019

Massive Speed Improvements in Processing Patent Applications

N. Tesla Speed Indicator Patent
Patent Bots was already the fastest gun in the west for automated patent proofreading. In a previous comparison with a competitor, we were 33 times faster over 100 random applications. Not being content with that, we've more than doubled our speed.

There are two ways we can make our processing faster: (1) hardware and (2) algorithms.

For hardware, we've upgraded are servers to double the processing speed. It costs us more money, but our customers are worth it. Our goal is to save you time and make you as efficient as possible.

On the algorithm side, we've greatly increased the efficiency of processing Microsoft Word documents. You'll especially notice the improvements when processing longer patent applications.

With these improvements, we were able to proofread the claims of a 543 page patent application in 23 seconds! By contrast, opening this patent application in Microsoft Word on my Mac took more than two and half minutes to completely open the document.

Our processing of reference labels is slower than processing the claims (since we need to do more processing of entire specification), but we are working on improving our speed of processing reference labels as well.